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We develop a customized plan that will help you bring your dreams to reality.

We help you probe questions like: what is your target age for retirement; where do you want to live; what will be your lifestyle; do you have special goals, like travel or a second home; or what are your desires about leaving a legacy to your loved ones or charity?

We will put together a tailored-made plan for you that, among other things, analyzes the following:

  • Ways to reduce your taxes while you are saving for retirement and manage taxation of your assets when you are in retirement.
  • Your income and expenditures.
  • The most advantageous retirement saving accounts, like Roth and Traditional IRAs, your employer’s retirement plan and annuities.
  • Your Social Security timing options, to help maximize your life-time payout.
  • The pros/cons of rolling your employer-sponsored plan over to your IRA.

If your vision doesn’t match your projected financial ability, we will develop options that can address getting you back-on the right path to your retirement goals. The plan will be adjusted as your circumstances continue to evolve. Leading up to and during retirement, we will transition you to an income/spending strategy to guide you in the preservation of your assets.

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Women and Retirement

Women and Retirement

Women may have additional considerations when retirement planning. 

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Social Security Fast Facts

Here are five facts about Social Security that might surprise you.

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